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Event, Media & Communications guidance for celebrating 999 Day 2021 can be downloaded by clicking here.

24 May 2021: STATEMENT ABOUT 999 DAY IN 2021

Belfast had been due to host the UK’s main national 999 Day event in September 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic caused this event to be cancelled on health grounds.

A year on, and we still find ourselves in the midst of the greatest health pandemic in over 100 years. New strains of the virus present us with a challenge. Bringing thousands of people together in four months’ time is simply too much of a risk when the virus is still with us.

After liaising with the Northern Ireland Executive and the emergency services, we have decided that the 999 Day event in Belfast cannot go ahead this year.

We are committed to Belfast hosting the event in September 2022 and will work closely with the Government and NI emergency services to make this event a success. Wales will now host the 999 Day in 2023, England in 2024 and Scotland in 2025. NI will next host the event in 2026.

Whilst the main event cannot physically go ahead this year, the celebrations of our NHS and 999 heroes will continue as planned on 999 Day (9th September) with a major media and social media campaign.

Additional events:

A great many Lord-Lieutenants, High Sheriffs and Council leaders will be holding a small event around 9am on 9th September. We are aware of almost one event in each County, so it will be worth speaking to the Lord-Lieutenant’s office to find out if you can attend.