The 999 Flag

The 999 Day flag was designed in agreement with the Armed Forces Day. The flag is similar to the Armed Forces Day flag due to the importance of both days. If you put both flags together they show one Union Flag – this is to show that we are one United Kingdom, and the increasing work the armed and emergency services are doing together, for example during the Moor Fires and the Whaley Bridge Dam collapse.

The flag consists of the emergency services badge designed by 999 Day Founder and CEO, Tom Scholes-Fogg, which has a circle embedded into it to represent each emergency service (police, fire, ambulance, maritime, mountain and lowland rescue, and cave and mine rescue); the Union flag to represent the service to the UK and her people. We hope you like it! Feel free to download a copy of the flag by clicking here. Whilst we are making the flag image available for re-use and download, it cannot be altered or used in any way for commercial use or otherwise, without the express permission of the Chief Executive of the 999 Day as it is trademarked.